Gravestones, Headstones and Cemetery Monuments by Patten’s Michigan Monuments

Patten’s Michigan Monument Company makes memorials for families, businesses, and communities. Their products include:

  • granite cemetery gravestones
  • headstones (tombstones)
  • cemetery benches
  • columbariums
  • garden statues
  • pet gravestones

Whether you are mourning the loss of a loved one, preparing for the future, or simply looking to improve the beauty of your home, business or community, this family-owned business has the experience, knowledge and compassion to provide comfort and confidence in fulfilling your need for that special memorial.

Providing that comfort and confidence starts with being informed, so please browse Patten’s gallery of cemetery monuments and utilize the monument selection guide to step through how to best choose a memorial to suit your needs.

6 Step Monument Selection Guide

1. Consider End Use

2. Choose Monument Shape & Size

3. Choose a Design

4. Select a Granite Color

5. Choose Carving Style

6. Choose Lettering Style

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